Investment Real Estate Sales Coaching

Investment Real Estate

When Depression-era stick-up man Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he famously replied:

“Because that’s where the money is!”

The people who invest in small (under $5 million) income-producing properties are:

  •  high-net worth individuals,

  •  partnerships comprised of high-net worth individuals,

  •  syndicators backed by high-net worth individuals.

40% of private investment partnerships in the U.S. are investment real estate partnerships. There are so many financial and tax shelter incentives for high-net worth individuals to buy and sell income producing real estate that investment properties, like stock shares, are traded in declining markets as well as rising markets.

Real estate professionals who want to expand their income potential and secure their futures need to learn the ins-and-outs of investment real estate.  Why?

Because that’s where the money is!

Investment Real Estate Sales Coaching offers a cost-effective and time-efficient dual-level learning program for residential and commercial agents, loan originators and other real estate professionals who:

  •  are ready to advance their careers to another level;

  •  are frustrated by having to pass on lucrative opportunities because they lack the knowledge necessary to analyze and market investment real estate, and steer the transaction to a successful closing;

  •  don’t have the time or capital to take lengthy and expensive CCIM or Appraisal Institute courses,

  •  manage a real estate office and want to grow their business by creating a team of investment brokers, but need an affordable self-teaching training program; or

  •  are new real estate licensees who want an exciting career in the world of investment real estate.

Investment Broker Learning Program

The first level of learning is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step resource guide to listing and selling multi-tenant investment properties written by an investment real estate specialist with 35 years experience as a broker, commercial appraiser, and as National Director of Sales Training for a national firm specializing in investment real estate.

The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate shows you what you need to know about –

  •  the six primary product types of investment real estate;

 • how to underwrite the income, vacancy and expenses to construct a supportable net income;

  •  how to market your listing;

  •  important purchase contract deal points;

  •  how to steer the escrow to a successful conclusion.

The language of The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate isn’t is broker-to-broker, mentor-to-mentee.  Its purpose is to jump start your investment brokerage career by three to five years by showing you the behind-the-scenes aspects of the investment real estate business and make sure that you are never the “deer in the headlights” in conversations with people who know more than you do.

Click here to see what’s inside The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate.

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