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The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate is a step-by-step guide to listing and selling multi-million dollar investment properties. It breaks investment real estate down to its component parts and shows real estate agents new to investment real estate how to competently list and sell multi-tenant income properties and look professional while doing it.

The Brokerage of Investment Real Estate is packed with more than 360 pages of -
  • in-depth information about each type of property
  • listing strategies that turn "holders" into sellers
  • sample broker-client dialogues
  • spreadsheet templates with formulas
  • transaction forms
  • rent survey forms
  • listing presentation templates
  • photographs and illustrations, and
  • broker-to-broker tips.
Each chapter describes a sequential step in the brokerage continuum that answers the question, "What should I do next?"

Six Chapters Detailing Property Types
In-depth information regarding the nature and issues of the most often traded types of investment real estate, and what to look for during the inspection.

  •    Multi-Family Housing (Apartment Buildings)
  •    Shopping Centers
  •    Multi-tenant Office Buildings
  •    Multi-tenant Industrial Projects
  •    Single-tenant, Net-leased Properties
  •    Manufactured Housing Communities (Mobile Home Parks)

Commercial Leases and Lease Issues
Attornment? Early termination?  Explains typical commercial lease clauses and those provisions which can have dire collateral effects on pricing and financing investment real estate.  Offers tips on how to speed-read leases.

The Basic Math of Investment Real Estate
Don’t let complex-sounding terms intimidate you; it’s all just basic arithmetic that can be done with a hand-held calculator.  Simple spreadsheet templates with preset formulas do the calculations for you.

Underwriting the Income
Describes sources of investment real estate income and explains why certain income is discounted or ignored by investors and lenders. Includes spreadsheet templates with formulas, including percentage rent calculations.

Underwriting the Operating Expenses
Detailed explanation of how to de-construct investment real estate expense statements and forecast End-of-Year-One line-item operating expenses. Spreadsheet templates with formulas included.

Multi-Year Projections
Explains the relevance, how-tos and pitfalls of projecting future cash flows for investment real estate properties. Spreadsheet formulas and shortcuts included.

How to Build an Investor Client Database
Choosing the right database software; sourcing the names of investment real estate investors; how to penetrate partnerships, LLCs, and trust structures to uncover the names of the decision-makers.

What Motivates Investors To Buy Or Sell Investment Real Estate?
Explains who typical investors are by type and age group and what moves them to act.  Explains what motivates syndicators and how they get paid.

Federal Tax Benefits of Investment Real Estate Ownership
Explains how tax shelter, tax deferral and preferential tax rates motivate investors to buy and sell investment real estate, even in down markets.

Three Chapters on Creating Listing Opportunities
Three strategies and conversation starters used by investment specialists that lead to appointments and listing opportunities.

Listing and Closing The Deal
Two chapters offer a step-by-step timetable and action plan for obtaining the listing and guiding the transaction through the closing.  Shows you how to control the transaction in the face of attorney interference.

How to Conduct a Rent Survey
Shows you how to use the basic appraisal techniques of bracketing and matched-pairs analysis to determine Market Rent.  Includes sample survey forms and presentation templates.

Analyzing Comparable Sales

Figuring out The Deal of a comparable sale and how over-reliance on metrics can be misleading.

Pricing the Property
Who really decides the price of investment real estate?  Pricing strategies.

Presenting Your Pricing Proposal to the Seller
Offers sample forms and suggested dialogues to help brokers guide fact-oriented and opinion-oriented clients to the broker’s conclusion.

Marketing Your Listing

Learn how to expose investment real estate listings to the widest market when you have a limited marketing budget.

Negotiating the Purchase Agreement
Discusses affirmative contingency removal and the importance of compressing time frames to prevent the seller from being victimized by “time hostage” tactics and hidden contingencies.

Financing Investment Real Estate
Offers a behind-the-scenes look at the most important aspect of most investment transactions....the loan.  Explains DSCRs, LTVs, how interest rates are set, how to speed up the financing process, and situations beyond your control that can kill your deal.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges
A primer on the various types of property exchanges, the rules and timelines. Includes illustrated "maps" of each type of exchange. A broker with a basic knowledge of tax-deferred exchanges and how to use them can turn investment property "holders" into investment property sellers/up-leg buyers and earn two fees with one client.

The Natures of Commercial and Investment Real Estate Brokerage
Explains the differences between commercial and investment real estate and the unique skills required of investment brokers.

“Beat Up the Broker”
A real estate game played by buyers, sellers and other brokers, and the sure-fire counter-strategy to deflect it.

End-of-Chapter Quizzes
Quick quizzes to make sure that the important concepts are understood.

Don’t understand a term that was used during a conversation? Look to the glossaries to bring yourself up to speed.

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