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NOTICE!  The Personal Coaching program has been suspended while we are on an extended vacation touring the Lower 48 and Canada in our motorhome, stopping to stare whenever we see something beautiful, moving on whenever we get restless.  Sessions will resume when (if?) we return.

Most real estate salespeople try to operate on natural instinct, relying on a perceived inborn "gift for gab" to ingratiate themselves with clients rather than developing their sales skills beyond a few Single Point Sales closing techniques (Alternate Choice close, Assumptive close, Deadline, Take-away, etc.). As a result, they only do business with those clients with whom they "click" and are mostly ineffective facilitators riding a wave rather than influential salespeople counseling their clients and driving the transaction.

But what if you knew how to "click" with nearly every personality type by simply altering your phrasing during conversations to make yourself more appealing to others?  Do you think that you could double your client base and your INCOME?

Investment Real Estate Sales Coaching offers personalized, one-on-one mentorship to give you the building blocks you need to become competitive in the world of consultative selling.  We'll discuss what you already know and select the topics that you need to know. These personal coaching sessions teach needs-based selling techniques and proven communication methods that are transferable to any endeavor you pursue later in life.

Most real estate investors either began their careers as brokers or have dealt with so many brokers that they know closing techniques better than the typical sales agent does.  Trying to close for the listing or sale clumsily, closing at the wrong time, or closing too often can alienate you from the prospect.

But what if you knew how to
  • use subtle interview techniques to help the client identify his unspoken needs,
  • demonstrate that you can fulfill those needs, and
  • use "soft" closing techniques to steer the client toward his own decision to execute a plan that you have suggested?
Do you think that sales would be more enjoyable as well as more lucrative?

Investment Real Estate Sales Coaching stresses non-manipulative, needs-based, consultative selling techniques.  We offer inexpensive, one-on-one workshops that will empower you in your business and in your life away from real estate.  You and your coach will select those courses which you need in order to fill in the gaps in your skill set.  Each course is designed to keep your costs down by requiring only a little bit of time on the phone with your coach while you invest the time and effort necessary to study the information and execute the necessary steps, and then years of practicing, personalizing and applying what you learn.

Interpersonal Communications
Do you know people who seems nice enough, but the two of you just don't "click," leaving you feeling somewhat alienated from them?  That's how some people feel about you! This workshop teaches you how to identify others' communication styles and how to adjust your own style to blend with theirs so that the other person will feel like the two of you are on the same wavelength.  This will lead to a wider range of opportunities for you and increase your chances to earn fees!

The Client Interview
Investors are motivated to act when they are dissatisfied with their current situation or have personal or economic needs.  A broker who can fulfill those needs or relieve the client's stress of discontent has the best chance to earn the listing assignment. This workshop will introduce you to a structured interview process designed to help you uncover your client's needs through normal conversation and then walk him through a gentle closing process that leaves him with the impression that he talked you into listing his property rather than the other way around.  This course requires rote memorization on your part.

Advanced Features and Benefits
Let go of your past experiences and any current notions that you may have about Features and Benefits training.  This workshop will take you to a higher level by showing you a powerful closing technique that leaves prospects with few options other than to agree with you that your services or suggestions best fulfill their needs.  This course requires practice, practice, practice.

Broker's Presentation
Why should someone do business with you rather than with one of your competitors?  If you haven't prepared and rehearsed the reasons why, your career will be short-lived.  But then, if you blurt out every reason why the client should do business with you during your first meeting, you could lose his interest and the opportunity.  Your sales coach will help you develop a strong sales presentation in your own words and syntax, but will require a great deal of work on your part. It will test your commitment to your business. As this course incorporates core elements of the Client Interview and Advanced Features and Benefits courses, they should precede this course.

Managing Objections
Objections start the conversation, they don't end it. Capable salespeople LOVE objections and you will, too! Typically, there are only eight to ten standard objections that prospects offer in any industry.  Your coach will work with you to formulate the answers that will best counter the most common objections you face and use them to strengthen your relationship with your prospects.

Time Planning and Goal Setting
Almost every sales organization talks about these topics, and you may be thinking, "Been there, done that."  Well, stop rolling your eyes and give us a call.  Two questions and two minutes will be all it takes to tell whether you need this essential course or not. This workshop requires a commitment on your part to hours of deep thought, introspection and hard work.  After that, it will require a lifetime of tweaking.

Role Playing
There are THREE presentations a real estate broker gives:
  • the one you give in your car as you're driving to the client's office,
  • the one you give to the client in his office, and
  • the one you give in your car as you're driving back to the office while muttering, "What I should have said was...."
If you have been in brokerage for a while, you already know the value and importance of role playing with another broker to hone your skills and receive feedback.  If there isn't someone in your office with whom you can role play, your IRESC coach will act as a stand-in.

Call your coach to practice your presentation, receive a critique and formulate a final presentation that will increase your probabilities of success.

Contact us for details.

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