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I just wanted to tell you how helpful the training was and provide you with some details about a success I have had already as a result of what I learned.

I have been working on a grocery-anchored retail center in Denver area.  The owner insisted on not signing an exclusive listing so that she could also work with other brokers.  I used the techniques that you taught me and – by gosh – she signed an exclusive agreement with me.  It was a great win and even though I have 14 years of sales experience, I learned something new, applied it, and it worked!

Alan W.
Denver, CO


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your presentation at our national sales conference.  Even with nearly 25 years’ experience, I was still able to come away with a little “golden nugget” that helped me reach closure on a large transaction that I have been working on for quite some time. The simple approach you taught us unblocked the client's resistance and allowed the deal to move forward.  Terms and fees have now been agreed to and we are moving forward on a deal that should amount to a fee of somewhere around $400,000.

Thanks again.

Boyd B.
Dallas, Texas


Although I am a “seasoned” salesperson, I have found that a sales “tune-up” can be incredibly beneficial in tightening up sales skills.  The Interview process you showed me helped in two specific ways:

1.  The Interview process you showed me has provided a vital “structure” for my interactions with clients.  You can’t effectively expect to win the business until you have gone through each of the steps.  Each step of the way I am able to “direct” the client to the appropriate solution, since his input has given me the basis for proposing a deal structure.  No wasted steps and no missteps.  You know when to ask for the business because the client is already telling you “yes” if you have listened carefully.

2.  A strong rapport with my clients is formed by their recognition that their needs are being “heard” by me.  I became a consultant to them – finding out what is most important for them and proposing implications for various situations.  I am now letting clients “craft” their own solution with the available solutions in the marketplace.  By the conclusion of the interview, the client has ownership of the deal and doesn't feel like he has been “sold”.

The sales techniques I learned from you were instrumental in my landing a $2.4 million opportunity on the day (after our coaching session). By taking my client through the Interview Process and listening to his real needs, I was able to sign the client to an exclusive listing.

Peter D.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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